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atta sattu besan

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About This Product

  •  Shudh Chakki Atta is made using the Natural process which ensures 100% pure and natural whole wheat atta and retention of its natural dietary fibers and nutrients

  •  The chakki-grinding process ensures that Shakti Punj atta contains 0% Maida and 100%  Atta

  •  The natural process of sourcing, cleaning, grinding and nutrition lockage ensures that the atta remains untouched by hands

  • The essential nutrition remains locked in the whole wheat atta which helps in easy digestion.

  • It is used to make a wide range of foods including bread, crumpets, muffins, noodles, pasta, biscuits, cakes, pastries, cereal bars, sweet and savory snack foods, crackers, crisp bread, sauces, and confectionery. Whole wheat flour nutrients: it contains carbohydrate, protein, and fiber content.


About This Product

  • Sattu flour is the Indian superfood that is not only protein-rich, but diabetic-friendly, and hearth healthy flour. Add it to your regular roti dough or make paratha stuffing, littis or even make a protein shake with it.

  • It has multiple benefits and is considered a coolant in the summer months Ancient Indian traditional superfood.

  •  The natural process of sourcing, cleaning, grinding and nutrition lockage ensures that the atta remains untouched by hands

  • Cleaned and Superior Quality Consistency in taste, aroma and quality across the year Hygienic packing and best quality control processes

  • Made by the dry-roasting process that seals in all the nutrients, sattu is rich in protein, fibre, calcium, iron, manganese and magnesium In fact, 100 gram of sattu contains 20.6 percent protein, 7.2 percent fat, 1.35 percent crude fibre, 65.2 percent carbohydrates, 2.7 percent total ash, 2.95 percent moisture and 406 calories


About This Product

  • It is made by grinding pure chana dal.made from best quality chana dal, besan makes for a versatile kitchen flour. It is popularly used in the preparation of dhokla, namkeen, and various other sweet and savory dishes. Suitable for regular use.

  • Made using pure desi chana. Very high natural and digestible protein. Besan is a good source of thiamin and vitamin b-6.

  • Versatile flour suitable for daily use.absorb minimum oil while cooking

  • Thiamin is required for the conversion of food to energy where as vitamin b-6 is essential for combining of the red blood cells and neurotransmitter serotonin

  • The super-fine flour prepared from pure chana dal, has an earthy aroma and binding nature that makes it a key ingredient in the batter used for preparing onion pakodas, traditional potato and vegetable bhajiyas, and some sweet dishes.

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